With great beards comes great responsibility!

Six String Elixirs

Six String Elixirs was started in 2016 with our owner Allen making his own personal blends, going through many recipes and wasting a lot of product to find just the perfect blend. Once he found that right blend it was off to see what the public thought. With his love for live music and involvement in the local live music scene came the name, We had some friends headed up to Steamboat Music Fest 2017 and we sponsored Mike McClure's Podcast from Steamboat Music Fest. Hundreds of samples were handed out and the reaction was great.

We feel nothing looks better than a well-kept beard and we want to provide your beard with the best possible oils, butters, and waxes available in an easy to use, affordable product that keeps your beard looking it's best. You put a lot of time into growing your beard, we work hard to help you maintain it and keep it growing at it's healthiest and fullest potential.

Look for us at local markets, barber and boutique shops, live music from one of our sponsored bands. We strive to help guys take care of their beard, we are also constantly adding and working on new products.
Wholesale available!
Custom blends available!
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